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By Rebecca Vertucci, Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has turned into one of the world’s strongest networking tools. But in my years of working for LinkedIn, it seems many of the platform’s best features go unnoticed. Ultimately, I feel this is due to the overwhelming nature of LinkedIn. There is so much to do that it can be hard to know where to focus.

I am a part of the Customer Success team at LinkedIn, and I am also a career success coach with Vertucci Career Academy. I work day in and day out helping clients hire people and helping job seekers get hired. I constantly help people to get the most out of LinkedIn, and here are some of my favorite tools that many people don’t know about.

Pro Finder – For freelancers, this one is key! It’s new; LinkedIn rolled out a soft launch in late 2015, and it’s still in the process of being released to all members. Pro Finder is currently only available in the U.S., and not yet in every city. However, if you DO have access to it… be sure to check it out!

Pro Finder connects service-based providers with people who need services. You can bid jobs and get connected with people who are looking for your area of expertise. It’s a great lead generation tool operating in the background for you. To keep up on the latest features available for this great tool, search LinkedIn Help ProFinder.

Veterans Tool  – Are you a military veteran? LinkedIn is committed to helping service members and veterans succeed in transitioning from their military role to working in the private sector. This particular tool is designed for networking among fellow veterans. Specifically, it’s designed to help connect members coming out of service with veterans who have already found civilian work.

What a great way to meet someone! Here’s a sample communication: “I see we are both members of the Marine Corp. I’d love to speak with you about how you transitioned to the private sector. I’m specifically interested in working at a company similar to the one you landed at. Do you have some time to chat with me about how you got started?”

In addition to helping fellow veterans get connected, LinkedIn also has a veterans landing page, which offers a free one-year subscription to a premium jobseeker account and to any eligible military and veteran members. Definitely share information about this awesome resource with our servicemen and women!
Volunteer Marketplace – Have you ever found yourself wanting to volunteer your skills to local nonprofits, but you weren’t sure of where or how to start? LinkedIn has you covered! Nonprofits can now publicize skilled volunteer needs. Perhaps they need legal counsel or marketing assistance on a voluntary basis. Well now they can be matched with local legal or marketing professionals looking to volunteer their time and skills to worthy causes.

I often advise people looking to develop new skills to consider volunteering first. Nonprofit organizations can be a great place to help you build your experience or portfolio of projects. Leverage the Volunteer Marketplace to find out how you can best service your community. And P.S.–you can build your network as you volunteer!

LinkedIn for Students – I love this resource! It is designed for students, but I feel it has applications for anyone and everyone looking to learn more about LinkedIn. Want some great tips on creating your profile? Looking for advice on what to say when networking? Need some job search advice? It’s all here!

You can view videos, tip sheets, and articles. When first starting out on LinkedIn, this is an awesome resource regardless of whether or not you’re a student. And when you are ready for advanced tips and tricks, always remember the Help Center has you covered!

I hope you found some useful resources you may not have known about before. Always keep in mind, the point of LinkedIn is to grow and nurture your network. Utilize these awesome resources to help you identify easy ways to do exactly that.

About The Author: Rebecca Vertucci is a proven expert on recruiting, hiring, and all things LinkedIn. Her presentation at The International Surface Event will be on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 from 8:00am to 9:30am. Be sure to register for WE05 – Building Your Online Professional Brand at

For more information on working with Rebecca, please email her at She offers free career consultations for all FlexJobs members.