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From our friends at castel-mare marbe care ltd

We are getting excited to be in attendance for The International Stone Expo in Las Vegas during January 2017!

Each year thousands gather to increase their knowledge, see the latest marketing trends, and meet other stone professionals. While it is still a few months away we are already beginning our preparation.

What will be Castel-Mare Marble Care Ltd.’s involvement?

We will be joining our fellow stone and tile maintenance and restoration professionals to share challenges and solutions.  We will start with a discussion of sealers and cleaners and then move into the business side of natural stone restoration, including selecting the jobs that create the most profit.  However, we will not stop there because a lot more goes into being successful in the maintenance and restoration business than just cleaners and sealers.  We will also cover some topics that we must understand in order to protect ourselves, such as how granite fabrication, man-made counter-top materials, and even the adhesives used on the counter-top can affect maintenance and restoration.  Finally, we will cover tile installation methods and how to identify potential problems before they become problems.  This is a cannot miss session for any stone or tile maintenance and restoration professionals.

Stay in touch with our blog to find out what is new! We will be updating our blog, Instagram and Facebook pages as we prepare for this exciting expo.