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By Arianne Bellizaire

In my last post, I told you all about my first experience at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas.

Today, I’m sharing eight of the innovative new products that impressed me most during my tour of the show!

1) MagneBuild by Magnetic Building Solutions

The first product that makes my list of favorites from this year’s TISE show is the MagneBuild by Magnetic Building Solutions.

Magnetic Building Solutions, a company based in Dalton, Georgia, is a subsidiary of The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).

They’ve come up with an exciting new product that will revolutionize the way we install hard finishes!

MagneBuild by magnetic building solutions mbs underlayment system

Scott Humphrey, CEO of WFCA the parent company of Magnetic Building Solutions

MagneBuild is a magnetic underlayment system.


The technology behind this product allows it to work with all flooring materials including carpet, hardwood and stone AND with wall materials including tile and wallpaper!

MagneBuild by magnetic building solutions mbs underlayment system

MagneBuild shown in use with large format porcelain wall tiles

How does it work?

Check out this quick FB Live video to see this product in action!

This product saves money substantially by eliminating the need for expensive tools and intensive training.

Using this system results in shorter install times, and it makes switching out materials quick and easy!

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Here are some other benefits to the MagneBuild system:

  • It’s magnetic, so no adhesive is necessary.
  • The system includes the underlayment and the receptive backing so virtually ANY product/material can be used with the system.
  • Once the magnetic material is down on the floor or up on the wall, it’s there for life.
    • It only loses 1% of its magnetism every 100 years!
  • Moisture has no impact on the product.
  • It’s ECO-friendly because old materials, once removed, can be donated instead of discarded which cuts down on project waste.

Check out this video to see five different materials installed using the MagneBuild system.

2) Mirth Studio Artisanal Wall Tiles

Antonino Buzzetta Mirth Studio Wood Tile Design

Mirth Studio Buzz peel and stick vinyl tiles

Mirth Studio was founded in 2014 by decorative painter, Sally Bennett.

While renovating her home in Charleston, South Carolina, Bennett wanted to use the hand-painted wood tiles she had specified for her New York client projects in her own home but could not find an affordable option.

Her desire to have the wood tile look spurred her to create a company that now specializes in printed hardwood floor tiles.



Sally Bennett, Designer and Creator of Mirth Studio

As the company has grown, Bennett and her team have expanded the product line to include peel and stick floor decals, peel and stick wall coverings, patterned stair risers, wall art and wooden wall tiles.

Penninsula hardwood floor tile in white and navy wood tile mirth studio

Peninsula hardwood floor tile in white and navy

At TISE 2018, Mirth Studio highlighted its new collection of handcrafted, artisanal wall tiles.

These distressed tiles have a warm patina and are reminiscent of the popular encaustic cement tiles you see trending.

mirth studio wall tile celerie kemble barclay butera

New wall tile collections by Elizabeth Olwen, Celerie Kemble and Barclay Butera

The artisanal tiles are designed for use as decorative accents on walls, but they can also be used on furniture, kitchen islands, stair risers and backsplash walls!


Lively mint wood tile on wall niche

3) Karndean Korlok


Karndean Korlok wood planks in Smoked Butternut

Karndean is a small family business that was founded in 1973.

Now they are one of the world’s largest luxury flooring manufacturers of versatile, natural-looking vinyl flooring.

Karndean flooring products are available in three award-winning formats: gluedown, loose lay and rigid core.

Karndean Korlokshown in Canadian Urban Oak

This year, the company introduced Korlok, a groundbreaking new LVT product.

Here’s what makes this new product so special:

  • Korlok’s 5G Valinge drop and lock technology means there is little to no subfloor preparation and no adhesive needed. Perfect for projects with a quick turnaround!
  • The waterproof K-Core technology makes it highly durable so it’s appropriate for high traffic and wet areas.
  • The pre-attached premium foam backing makes it acoustically sound, so great for upstairs areas, too!


Karndean Korlok shown in Antique French Oak

4) Laticrete Permacolor Select

Laticrete is a 60-year-old, family owned manufacturer of green tile and stone installation materials.

This company offers everything from grout to decorative concrete floor finishes.

What I was most excited to learn about in their TISE show booth this year was a product that, technically, isn’t really new.

laticrete permacolor select grout in any color

So, here’s my disclaimer:

I know that this post is about to be NEW surface materials, but this one was introduced in 2015.

It’s just new to me, and I’d venture to guess it’s new to a lot of designers, builders and contractors.

Permacolor Select is a fast-setting, high performance cement grout that can now be color-matched almost any color!

The kits come in all 40 existing Laticrete grout color options, and with Permacolor Select AnyColor, Laticrete can color-match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint color!

If you’ve ever installed tile, you know that the grout color plays a HUGE role in how the tile layout reads visually.

With this product, Laticrete gives designers and homeowners the flexibility to choose a grout color that perfectly suites the accompanying tile!

Additionally, because Laticrete’s proprietary STONETECH® Sealer Technology, Permacolor Select is stain resistance with no sealing required, anti-microbial and resistant to cracks.

5) Daltile Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces

daltile panoramic porcelain surfaces elemental selection wall floor tile

Daltile Panoramic Porcelain Surface on walls and floors

Daltile was founded in 1947 in Dallas, Texas.

Today, the company is the largest manufacturer of ceramics, mosaics, porcelain, quarry tile and a variety of stone products.


Close up of seamless Panoramic Porcelain Surface countertop application

Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™ is a new large-format product that can be applied to walls, floors and countertops.

Love the look of a bathroom dripping in marble from top to bottom?

With Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™, you can create that look at a fraction of the cost!

Daltile Panoramic Porcelain Surface in a bathroom setting

Panoramic Porcelain Surface is a great alternative to the ever-popular Quartz, and it has the same durability.

This product provides a clean, seamless look, and comes is  10′ x 5′ sheets with 6 mm thickness for floors and 12 mm thickness for countertops.

6) Pera Tile Customizable Waterjet Mosaics

Pera Tile is a California-based tile company that is just seven years old–definitely classifying it as a relative newbie on the surfaces scene!

Pera Tile Exclusive Mosaic

Pera Tile exclusive mosaic

The company imports stone from around the world into its Los Angeles facility where a waterjet machine can then cut any stone into the tile shape and size desired.

The flexibility and customization of this collection is further enhanced by the quick 3-4 week turnaround time!

Since designers (and homeowners) are visual, Pera Tile’s Atelier Pera Customization Studio allows users to see designs before placing the order.

Pera Tile Atelier Pera Customization Studio Screenshot

Pera Tile Atelier Pera Customization Studio Screenshot

Click this link to try your hand at creating a custom look!

Pera Tile Custom Mosaic Example

Pera Tile custom mosaic example

7) Mannington REVIVE Luxury Vinyl Sheet

Mannington Mills, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine flooring.

Founded in 1915 and based in Salem, New Jersey, the company manufactures residential and commercial sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors.

Mannington Mills Empire_Carrara_White_130360_RS

Mannington Mills REVIVE shown in Empire Carrara White 

Capitalizing on the cement tile trend, the company rolled out a new luxury vinyl sheet product at this year’s surface show.

Mannington revive headermannington revive opening text

REVIVE is a cost-effective alternative for homeowners who like the look of tile but don’t have the budget or want to commit to such a bold design element forever.

mannington deco steel

Mannington REVIVE shown in Deco Steel

The benefits of this product are much more than it’s looks!

  • Get the cement tile look for less without the commitment!
  • It comes in classic shapes and patterns.
  • It’s child and pet friendly!
  • It’s easy to maintain and highly durable

8) Anderson Tuftex Old World Hardwood

Last but certainly not least is an amazing company and product that launched at this year’s show.

Shaw Industries, a giant in the flooring industry, has combined Anderson (a hardwood manufacturer based in South Carolina) and Tuftex (a legacy carpet company based in California) into a powerhouse now known as Anderson Tuftex.

Anderson Tuftex Mystique Hardwood Shown In Navy

Anderson Tuftex Mystique hardwood shown in navy

The premise of this east-meets-west, soft-meets-hard combination is a company that focuses on producing flooring designs with intention and crafted with care.

Although the carpet products are still made in California and the hardwood is still made in South Carolina, the company’s value proposition is that each product in their collection plays a part in telling a cohesive story.

collage of anderson tuftex materials

Shot of hardwood and carpet materials taken by Anderson Tuftex rep

As the company developed its new branding strategy, a lot of time was invested in doing market research to understand who the Anderson Tuftex client is and what she needs for her home.

That information along with an understanding that many homeowners are building or renovating homes with open floor plans led the company to believe that there is a need for a seamless transition between hard and soft surfaces to give homes a cohesive look and feel.

That means that their product designers create curated collections that are meant to complement each other!

Anderson Tuftex old wood hardwood floor planks herringbone

Close up of Old Wood hardwood planks in herringbone layout

The big hit for me at the TISE 2018 booth was the Old Wood hardwood!

This product comes in two different sizes:

  • 6″x24″ Herringbone available in:
    • Herringbone
    • Double Herringbone
    • Basketweave
  • 8″x72″ Planks

Install in on floors for a classic foundation for a room design or on an accent wall for a stunning focal point!

Anderson Tuftex Old World Hardwood Herringbone

Anderson Tuftex Old World Herringbone

Well, that’s my epic recap of the eight new (or new to me!) surface materials that I think will completely change the game!

What are your thoughts? Which one is your favorite?